Sharing is Caring

19 Dec 2013, Posted by Chris in Captivate News

It’s new feature Thursday around these parts and we’ve rolled out a pretty powerful new feature for Captivate donors.  In most raffles, it would be against a participant’s own interest to share news about the raffle because the more people that enter the raffle, the lower chances that participant has to win.  While we all hope that people would put that instinct aside for the sake of charity, we wanted to go a step further and really give everyone a reason to share.

Captivate’s new sharing method really pays the sharer back for their kind deed.  When you purchase entries through a campaign, you’ll see the sharing options on the Thank You page.  When you share the link to the campaign with your social networks and your friends buy entries, we’ll give you a free entry for every entry they buy up to the original amount you purchased.  For example, if you bought 10 entries and then 3 of your friends come in and buy 10 entries each, you’ll get 30 free entries!  If a friend buys 100 entries, you’ll get 10 and if they buy 5 you’ll be matched up to that 5.

We hope this will greatly encourage sharing and fulfill our goal of empowering charities to do what they do best by bringing more awareness and donations to them.  Let us know what you think about this in the comments below.   We wish everyone the happiest of Holidays!

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