Launching Captivate 1.5

19 Jun 2014, Posted by Chris in Captivate News

Since the end of our last campaign for Nurse-Family Partnership, we’ve been hard at work adding new features to help make things better for donors and allow charities to better connect with the people that care for their cause.  We believe that building a long standing relationship with donors is one of the most critical things for any nonprofit. Building these relationships increases volunteering, future gifts, and creates advocates for your cause.  Here are a few of our latest additions:

Social Wave

The Social Wave is one of the biggest additions in this release.  Social Wave allows donors to donate their social media following to your cause and receive an entry to win the grand prize! They simply opt to join the Social Wave, authorize their account through Facebook or Twitter and then fill in their information in the checkout form. We then immediately send out a Facebook post or tweet announcing that they’ve joined the wave and urge their friends/followers to join as well. This helps spread word of the campaign right from the very beginning and gets a buzz going. Then, a few days before the end of the campaign (configurable for any date and time) we send out the wave.  The wave is a tweet or post that gets sent out through every single account that’s opted in at the exact same time and brings people back into the site. With enough participants we have the power to create trending topics and social conversations like no other tool in a charity’s arsenal.


Impact Stories

Getting people to donate to your campaign is fairly easy on because they get so much in return. However, getting them to deeply care about who your organization is, why you’re so important and the impact you have on your communities is tough. People are bombarded with so much stimula these days that they often become apathetic to everyone that isn’t affecting them directly. Our Impact Stories are a way to cut through the noise and touch someone on a much more personal level. These stories of people that your organization has impacted bring your cause down to a personal level and creates an emotional connection that you can’t buy.  Lets all tell more stories that matter.

Donor Polls

Engagement with donors is one of the best ways to create long term advocates. We help this process by giving them a voice in how their donations are spent. Lets say your charity has a few different initiatives you’re investing in.  Our polls (only show up for donors) can present them with your initiatives and allow them to vote on where they’d like to see their money being spent. While this isn’t binding in any way, it gives you a great way to see what your donors care about and the direction they’d like to see you go.

Recent Activity

This feature allows everyone looking at the campaign to see all of the action happening around them. We list out when anyone joins the Social Wave, purchases entries, votes in a donor poll, or clicks on a shared link. Our aim is to make our campaigns transparent and exciting and to ultimately bring more donations and awareness to your charity’s cause.

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