Nurse-Family Partnership Impact Story


Tonya with Mela and Mikaya

“Nurse-Family Partnership gave me a boost to my confidence and showed me that I could be a good parent to my daughter. I think it was the best thing I could have done.”
– Mela, NFP mother, Tennessee

Mela had enrolled in the Nurse-Family Partnership program in Memphis, TN during her pregnancy and was working with Tonya, a nurse home visitor who provided her with home visits to help her have a healthy pregnancy. When Mela experienced excessive weight gain and a big jump in high blood pressure Tonya recommended she see a doctor right away. “I feel like if it wasn’t for nurse Tonya things wouldn’t have turned out the way that it did,” said Mela, who learned she had preeclampsia only after Tonya helped her persist in navigating the rules of Medicaid until she found a doctor who would see her.  From there she then pushed to see a blood specialist, after which she discovered she was nearing stroke levels. Mela was quickly taken to the hospital, where her daughter Mikaya was delivered via emergency C-section. Mikaya only weighed 2 pounds, six ounces; in the weeks that followed Mela feared for her health, but visits from Tonya helped her get through this difficult time. Eventually Mela and Mikaya left the hospital, and over the next two years Mela followed Tonya’s guidance, breastfeeding Mikaya and providing her with everything she needed so that her environment was comfortable. Thanks to her commitment and Tonya’s support Mikaya grew into a healthy two-year old. “She is a ball of energy and loves to run and play,” Mela said. “She is doing awesome.” We are grateful for your support to be able to help new moms like Mela during their most trying moments.

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