Nurse-Family Partnership Impact Story


Valerie with Amanda and Nolan

“I don’t think I would have left Nolan’s father if Valerie hadn’t told me that what he was doing was wrong. She was that one voice.”
– Amanda, NFP mother, Colorado

Nineteen and pregnant, Amanda had a lot on her plate, so she didn’t need any aggravation – but that’s just what she was getting. Her boyfriend – the father of her unborn child – got louder and angrier as he stood aggressively over Amanda, who was sitting at the kitchen table. That’s when Valerie, an NFP home visitor, stepped in. Valerie looked straight at the young man and asked him to step outside. “You’re out of line,” she said firmly before issuing a threat of her own: if he didn’t calm down, she would call the police. After he had left Valerie asked Amanda if she wanted to call the police, and although she said no the wheels had begun turning in Amanda’s head: she didn’t have to live like this. However, the boyfriend was able to “sweet-talk” her into staying, and for a time the violence simmered. During this period Valerie worked with Amanda to build up her self-esteem, developing a plan in case the bad times ever returned—which they soon did. After Amanda gave birth to her son Nolan the cycle renewed, culminating with the father choking Amanda as he held her over their son’s crib. “I couldn’t help but think how this would have scarred him for life if he had been five years old and could remember it,” says Amanda. It was finally time to put into effect the flight plan she had developed with Valerie all those months ago. Scared but determined, she called the police, who arrested her partner. By the time he made bail and returned to their apartment, Amanda had relocated to a shelter with her son. Today Amanda is in a normal, healthy relationship, has an Associate’s Degree in General Studies, and is able to manage Nolan’s terrible twos with a skill and expertise that continues to impress Valerie. We are grateful for your support to be able to help new moms like Amanda during their most trying moments.

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