Nurse-Family Partnership Impact Story


Lum, Bless and Min

“Marcia gives me strength. She was my guide to become more powerful. Marcia is my light.”
– Lum, NFP mother, Iowa

Lum had fled the militant groups of Burma to start a better life in the United States. Shortly after arriving Lum discovered she was pregnant, creating yet another challenge in an already turbulent life. Lum lost her mother to a violent death in her home country, and as she and Min were refugees, needed someone to be a guide during her pregnancy. Thankfully, a local healthcare provider referred her to the Nurse-Family Partnership program at Visiting Nurse Services (VNS) of Iowa and to her nurse home visitor, Marcia, who over time gained Lum’s trust. Eventually Lum shared with Marcia her heart’s desire: starting her own hair salon. Together they worked through the steps needed to help Lum achieve her goal while meeting the more immediate challenges of daily life. Lum attended class eight hours a day and worked at a chain store until 11:00 pm, all while struggling with nausea and fatigue brought on by her pregnancy. Eventually Min was able to take on more responsibility, allowing Lum to stop working, complete her studies, and deliver Bless healthy and full-term, all while developing a business plan and taking out a small loan for her dream. Today, Lum is the proud owner of The Amazing Beauty Salon. We are grateful for your support to be able to help new moms like Lum during their most trying moments.

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