Nurse-Family Partnership Impact Story


Lorena and Amy

“I’ve thought about my life and what I want to do with it, and with Sara’s help, I’ve been able to figure it out even more.”

Lorena, NFP mother, Minnesota

Lorena enrolled in the Nurse-Family Partnership program in St. Paul, Minnesota, when she became pregnant at the age of 13. Scared and worried about how things would go, Lorena had very little by way of support; her mom had just gone through health trauma, her dad was not around, and the father of her future child was no longer a part of her life. Then, on a cold December day, Sara, an NFP nurse, arrived at Lorena’s house. At first Lorena was quiet and shy, fearing for the future of her baby since young mothers often have a higher chance of health complications, including preterm birth. Over time though she opened up so that Sara could guide her through navigating the health care system, a vital service since Lorena’s mother, who came from Mexico, was not a native English-speaker. Thanks to Sara, Lorena was able to deliver Amy healthy and full-term. Moreover, during the next two years Lorena instilled her love of reading—she regularly reads 700-page fantasy novels—to her daughter so that Amy now is on track developmentally, able to string full sentences together. Each night before tucking Amy into bed Lorena reads Amy a book to build vocabulary, and Sara has also taught Lorena to speak to Amy about everything she is doing to help her learn words. Sara is fond of remarking that Amy is “so expressive and social, happy and loves to look back at you as she is playing with a mischievous smile.” We are grateful for your support to be able to help new moms like Lorena during their most trying moments.

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