Jack Flash Foundation

Jack Flash Foundation


The Jackflash Foundation was formed by Matt Kriesel, Founder of Impact Gel. Through Matt’s strong network of volunteers, donors and partners, the Jackflash Foundation was formed to help people in need. We aspire to turn compassion into action so that together we can make the world a better place.


Jackflash Foundation supports a variety of charities. One of our targeted charities is the Military Warriors Support Foundation formed by General Leroy Sisco. It helps armed services and their families find support and comfort in many ways. One of the Foundation’s main objectives is to help Wounded Heroes find homes. The Jackflash Foundation is committed to making this happen. Matt Kriesel, Chairman, of Jackflash has joined General Sisco in helping to give away 5 homes thus far to our Military Warriors and heroes.

Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty

Gordon Dickie executive director of the Jack Flash Foundation is a retired police officer who was injured in the line of duty as a San Diego Police Officer himself and after surgery was forced to retire at the age of 27. Gordon had a friend and former police officer who conducted a traffic stop back in the 70’s who was murdered by two gang bangers after being shot several times and left to die in front of his police cruiser. The two gang bangers were eventually caught and convicted. Dickie who lives in Las Vegas is a former undercover agent with the Nevada Gaming Control Board and has had strong ties to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. On June 8, 2014, two Las Vegas Patrol officers were enjoying their lunch while in uniform minding their own business when a man and woman walked into the pizza parlor in broad daylight and executed the 2 officers as they sat at a table enjoying their lunch. The suspects then entered a nearby Wal-Mart and killed a Good Samaritan who confronted the male suspect not knowing the woman suspect was nearby and who murdered the Samaritan as well. The Las Vegas police responded to the officers down call and after several minutes of exchanging gunfire, the male suspect was killed and the female committed suicide. This terrorist tragedy really impacted Dickie who now wants to help the families of murdered police officers.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Former Dallas Cowboy football player and executive member of the Jackflash foundation, Jay Saldi IV, has a personal interest in this cause. Jay’s passion is to help bring awareness, education and raise donations to help support people with Traumatic Brain injury such as his son, Bryce Saldi, who suffered a debilitating brain injury on July 3, 2009, while on a family vacation. Young Saldi once a promising Southlake Carroll State Champion and starting freshman linebacker for UNLV had a dream to continue on with the legacy of his father to play in the NFL. Unfortunately that will never happen. Jay along with his family’s devotion and dedication is to make Bryce’s quality of life better and help others as well.